Program Requirements

Eligibility Requirements 

Please visit for eligibility requirements to ensure you meet our entrance criteria. 

Program Requirements 

Physical Training (PT)
Our PT program incorporates calisthenics, cardio and strength training to ensure our cadets are Fit to Fight and aims to establish a lifelong commitment to fitness. We hold three PT sessions each week from 0600-0700. Cadets are required to attend at least two of these sessions each week. 

Academic Classes (AERO XXXX)
Our Aerospace Studies classes are university classes aimed to teach you all about our Air Force and being an officer. First and second year cadets take one credit-hour classes that meet for 75 minutes once per week. Third and fourth year cadets take three credit-hour classes that meet for 75 minutes twice per week. All cadets must obtain a "C" or better in each Aerospace Studies class. Visit the university's Undergraduate Catolog to read more about each of our classes. 

Leadership Laboratory (AERO XXXXL)
Our laboratory is cadet led and focuses on training in drill and ceremony, building warrior ethos and equipping our cadets with leadership and followership skills. Leadership Laboratory, or "Lead Lab" as we call it, is where we build officers. It is a two-hour lab held every Thursday from 1530-1730.

For more information on our courses, visit  

Registration Requirements 

Air Force ROTC is designed as a four-year program, but may be completed in three years if you have less than four years remaining until graduation. If this is the case, you will need to dual enroll in our freshman and sophomore level courses. You also have the option to enter in the spring of your freshman year. Note that enrollment in any program other than our four-year program will require that you contact us for acceptance into that program.

Air Force ROTC is currently offering a highly competitive two-year program option. If you have less than three years remaining in your academic plan, contact us for more information on selective programs that may align with your specific situation. 

Four-year Program, First Fall Semester Registration

AERO1101 - The Air Force Today I (1 credit hour)
AERO1101L - Leadership Laboratory (1 credit hour)

Accelerated Three-year Program, First Fall Semester Registration

AERO1101 - The Air Force Today I (1 credit hour)
AERO2101 - Development of Air Power I (1 credit hour)
AERO2101L - Leadership Laboratory (1 credit hour)

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