Shadow Day


Detachment 592 hosts Shadow Day every Spring semester. During Shadow Day, prospective cadets can come out to our detachment to learn more about AFROTC, engage with current cadets, witness (and potentially participate) in some of our training operations, and receive a tour of UNCC led by our cadets. If you are interested in coming to UNCC (or one of our crosstown schools), and are thinking about a career in the Air Force, our Shadow Day is for you!


WHAT:  Detachment 592 Shadow Day
WHERE:  UNCC Memorial Hall
WHEN:  TBD Spring 2020, timeline will be from  approximately 0930-1800hrs

Note that you are not required to attend for the entire day if your schedule doesn't allow. Just be sure to let us know that you will be leaving early for accountability purposes. 

Tentative Schedule:

0930 - Arrival/Check In
1000 - Introductions
1100 - Tour/Lunch/Breakout Sessions/Team Building
1500 - Break/Q&A Time
1530 - ROTC Organizations Briefs
1600 - Observation of Leadership Laboratory
1730 - Closing Session
1800 - Departure

What to Bring:

  • Completed Liability Waiver (Required)
  • Pen / Pencil
  • $15 (minimum) for Lunch

For more information, or if you have administrative questions/concerns, contact our cadre at


For large groups, you are welcome to complete one registration for your high school or JROTC unit (simply omit the individual component questions).
For smaller groups and individuals, we recommend you each complete an individual registration so that we can find out a little bit more about why you are attending. 

All visitors are required to complete a Liability Waiver. Please print and complete the waiver and bring it with you to Shadow Day. 


Memorial Hall is located on University Rd across from the Cone Parking Deck (see Campus Map). Parking is limited at our detachment and our parking lot is not large enough to accommodate entry/exit of school buses.

For individuals or small groups in Personally Owned Vehicles (POV), you will park in the Cone Visitors Deck (labeled "Cone Deck 2" on the Campus Map). Parking rates are $5 for the first hour ($2 each additional hour; Capped at $15 per day).

For buses, you will need to drop off visiting students at the University Rd crosswalk near the center of the Cone Parking Deck (labeled "Cone Deck 1") and park/wait in lot 27 off of Alumni Way labled on the campus map. We can make arrangements to shuttle drivers to Memorial Hall from Lot 27 if necessary.